Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Salman Khan Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

Hair loss has been the topic of lively debate. Celebrity hair transplants are far more common than you may realize. That's because most men lose their hair as they age, and celebrities have to look great regardless of their genetics.  They suffer from male pattern baldness just like the rest of us, and they are strongly motivated to keep their good looks. 

Bajrangi bhaijan’s actor, Salman Khan Hair loss has been apparent to his fans, and he has had the benefit of hair transplants. His hair loss photos show a remarkable transformation, from a receding hairline to a full, thick head of hair. Salman Khan has hair loss typical of male pattern baldness, where hair recedes at the temples leaving a prow-like projection of hair in the center of the scalp. Typically, this is accompanied by balding at the crown.
Most men experience hair loss in this pattern and Salman Khan is certainly not unique in this regard. What is unique is his regaining a full thick head of hair. Salman has managed to regrow his hair, and recover the hair in areas on his scalp where it had been receding.
Well, given how natural his hair looks, the better view is that he has had the benefit of good hair transplant surgery. What's more, because of the very excellent results he received, he must have also taken hair loss medication, and likely other supplements. Hair transplantation involves removing donor hair follicles from places on the scalp - usually the back or sides - which are not subject to male pattern baldness. These follicles are then separated with a microscope into micro-grafts of one or two hair follicles, or slightly larger grafts of 3 or 4 hair follicles. The micro-grafts are used at the front of the hairline, and the larger grafts used to fill in the areas behind. This results in a very natural looking result which is impossible to distinguish from the patient's natural hair.  That's because it really is Salman's hair; it's just been moved from the back of his scalp to the balding and thinning areas. Hair transplant of this Bollywood’s macho man would please any balding man. His results are, however, the result of careful planning and expert medical care.
Salman had an excellent hair transplant surgeon who was careful to transplant the donor hair follicles in a natural manner. He also had the benefit of early intervention to preserve his hair.  He almost certainly has been taking hair loss medication and likely for a considerable period before his first hair restoration surgery. That's because for such an excellent result, it was important that he preserve as much of his hair as possible to provide ample donor hair. Finally, this actor also likely did exercises to increase his scalp laxity making it easy for his hair restoration surgeon to harvest donor hair follicles. Salman probably saw a hair restoration surgeon as soon as he noticed that his hairline was receding.  His career requires a full head of hair, and although actors in the past were able to resort to wigs. For Salman, the natural result available from a hair transplant was preferable to a wig or weave. And, when you come to think about it, that's the same for any guy. 
Patients can achieve great successful HT results if they have sufficient donor hair to harvest.  Even older guys can get an excellent hair transplant result. Hair Transplant illustrates an important principle: if you don't talk about your hair transplant procedure, nobody will be able to say for sure that you've had it done. You can get a celebrity hair transplant like Salman khan provided that you choose an excellent hair transplant surgeon. Even if you don't have hair transplant surgery for several years a good hair restoration surgeon Hair transplant Punjab can get you on the path to a great celebrity-style hair restoration. 

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Hair loss struggle

As creative spirit and business savvy man, I always love working on projects that allow me to be creative especially if the project is something that I am passionate about. The Hair blog and website was born out of a desire to encourage people to embrace natural looking solutions to hair loss.
As a young boy, I grew up thinking that my hair makes me confident. I was always conscious to love myself for having beautiful hair. But somehow the message got lost. By the time I reached 30, I was struggling with what true hair loss really leads to and what that made me. I became a ‘slave’ to the hats and the perception of being young by wearing hair wig, and the whole time trying to be something I wasn’t. Looking to every chemical hair styles and more - to try and achieve that 'ultimate goal' of mainstream younger beauty, I spent enough money on products. But in the end, I realized that I was chasing something I didn't even want.  As an adult, I decided to go through hair transplant surgery to be who I was. With the support from family and friends, I visited a clinic at Hair transplant Punjab in my hometown to get a positive change. The support and encouragement from my family helped me make a big change. As I had an amazing experience by having FUE hair transplant.

I've spent years of being untrue to myself, after suppressing my need for more out of life. I wanted to feel like I was whole but did not know how or what to do to make it happen. I wanted to feel comfortable but thought that materialistic things or various branded products could fill that void. But none of that made a difference or helped. Deep inside, I knew what I needed to be complete. I needed to fit into the ideal image of myself what I should be now as this age. It took me a while to realize that by not doing efforts, I was only causing myself more harm than good. Just the idea of constantly being judge or being rejected scared me. But finally I took the decision of hair transplantation to restore my confidence and self esteem. It is true and I literally felt like I was reborn after few months of the surgery. I had the most amazing sense of joy come over me and I said this is what I have been waiting for. I could feel myself glowing with pride. It was about acceptance. I feel more attractive than I have ever felt in my whole life.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

How to dye your hair

Dyeing your hair is an easy means to transform your appearance. This offers a fresh appeal to your personality and undoubtedly reinforces the confidence you have in you. Nevertheless, wanting to dye your hair can come from several reasons. The most common reason is the coverage of gray hair, when it gets older. But you can also dye your hair to get a new look.
Always pick a hair color that is just about as the natural color of your hair. If you are uncertain whether the color you need, ask a specialist in hair. If you’re still undecided, go for for a hair dye that washes 6 to 12 shampoos. That way, if you do not like the result, you can always quickly change color. If the color you desire to have always, choose a permanent color. When the hair color is exposed to sunlight, the color fades quickly. To keep color longer, wear a hat or cover your head when you go outside in the sunlight. The permanent dyes last on an average to 24 shampoos. Different dyes on the market manufactured by different brands can provide varied results with regard to the color and length of holding color.

Prior to applying a hair dye, try a test patch near the neck to see if you are allergic to it. If you experience any skin irritation or hair loss or if the consequence of the color is not what you wish for, stop using it right away and wash the surface test. Never mix up different colors for the reason that the impact will be unlike from what you anticipated. Always follow the instructions for the application of color. It is suggested to wear plastic gloves during application to protect your hands. Before applying color, use a towel around your neck to keep away from any dye falling on your skin or clothing.

In cases where the results are darker than expected, wash your hair and wait a few days so that the reflections are accentuated. Nowadays, natural dyes are becoming more commonly available on the market. If you get terms such as “Vegetable protein” on the product’s label, it shows that the dye is herbal and it does not have harmful chemicals nor these dyes are liable to coat the hair and not penetrate. Natural products are highly recommended for the proper hair care.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Bodily Hair as alternative source for head hair transplant by FUE

Many males are victims of androgenic alopecia; male pattern hair loss starts from an early age of 30 or sometimes gets severe in 50s. The reasons for not having hair volume or proper hair growth include gradual hair loss or result from previous health conditions or hair transplants making it not possible for any further hair extraction from donor area or from the back of the scalp.  The expected results after a hair transplant with insufficient donor hair are generally unsatisfactory, as these can only entitled to compensate minor amount of hairline receding. Primarily the hair roots from the back or sides of the head is preferred for usual hair transplant for the reason that  their quality is superior and certain other than in some cases hairs follicles from the other body parts are used which is known as Body Hair Transplant(BHT).
Hair Transplant in Punjab

The most significant thing to be aware of is that scalp hair is the more likely type of hair for growing naturally look hair in the scalp. So, if you have enough good donor hair in the back of the head to get a transplant, best is to is to take hair from this donor site by method of FUE or FUT and transfer it to the areas of receding or severe  bald spots. Pattern baldness is weighted with even more disgrace and shame; because one feels a sense of hopeless and failure. But if that portion of donor hair not useful to keep up your appearances, bodily hair is recommended for transplantation. Sources can be beard, chest, shoulders, abdomen , arms, the back, the armpits has been shaved for crown plagued by thinning of hair  to undergo doing well hair transplant which is generally performed by leaving no linear scar technique called FollicularUnit Extraction (FUE) appropriate for harvesting body hair. When the donor supply of the available scalp has been limited to growth, need to ensure the integrity of the extracted grafts from other body areas or taking into account the hair direction as well as texture to be mix well with scalp hair. In fue method, the process involves extracting individual follicular units directly from other area of the body and transplanted to the identifiable locations of the scalp as it would grow long and thick.

Since, an ultra-fine punch device is used to remove individual grafts from the patient’s body as a substitute for the back of the scalp; it provides good dense hair on the head. The body hairs are then transferred in the same manner as they would be if removed from the head - in that they are extracted individually and carefully transplanted onto the target coverage over the scalp give people an opportunity to start over again and return to normalcy. This mainstream hair transplant practice is meant specifically to get rid of the challenges imposed by the weak head hair. The BHT-FUE procedure opens up potential areas particularly for patients whose donor zones have been badly damaged using some obsolete methods. Thus this technique offers great hope to those with normal to severe hair loss condition.

Monday, 20 March 2017

How Men and Women React When Head Goes Bald

Hair related problems when someone really notices; it makes them go crazier over the issue more than the usual thinking. People both men and women react differently when they are dealing with the same or when they see others going through this terrible feeling. They react well or bad, it later becomes a sinking feeling. So here are some casual, un-casual, heard-unheard cries over people going bald;

A 22 year boy did not notice hair fall until one of his friends told him about his hair thinning. From that day he started spending hell lot of a time more in the bathroom staring at his hair for over 15-20 minutes, because until his friend's beautiful testimony he knew he had very thick hair grown, loved by him very much. Also due to his height of over 6 feet, people now notice him more than ever, and so for his baldness he is still thinking about having a transplant procedure done or not while standing in the bathroom.

There is a woman who thinks that the current transplant procedures with latest advancements are not good enough for her. So is still waiting for scientists to come up with more breakthroughs, as only after that she would be having the first transplant of her life.

Then there is this woman who liked her head going bald. But after sometime she started wearing a comb over telling people that her hair is naturally growing. 
People believed, it's not true.

One boy changed the location of his stay as he was going bald, thinking that people would stop making note of his head once he goes to the new place. But that did not happen; he still has more lookers than his friends.

Another story is of a boy who is slowly going bald, but thinks that his jaw width and good tan is important. If the jaw is wide and strong with the said tan, baldness will not look so awful, he says. But even after having a wide jaw and tan, he just ends up looking like a skinhead. Also he never has thought about going for a transplant. So God help.

This involves two best women friends who cared for each other, no matter what happened. But as soon as one of the friends got her hair falling to too much level, the other friend started quarreling with her for getting a hair transplant. Problem; the hair falling friend who too did not like her hair fall is scared of getting a treatment, believing it would make her look more worse than now. The outcome now is that both friends don't even look at each other for that small or big hair transplant matter. (You decide)

There are endless outcomes of men and women thinking about hair problems happened to them or to others, which you too have noticed many a times. And people with the mindset of having a no care attitude about going bald, they do let them burn themselves from the inner side, hoping for something good to happen. Let me tell you about the one good thing that has happened from quite some time is the Hair Transplant in Patiala, which has acclaimed many a glory over providing satisfying success, with more people coming to get the desired results. Instead of irritating yourself more, visit Hair Transplant Punjab to have a consultation before getting involved with the surgery to let you go of the stress that troubles you day by day.  

Friday, 17 March 2017

Rising demand of hair transplant in India to treat hair loss condition

Hair Transplant in Patiala

Our hairs get weaker as we enter in our thirties and hair fall is considered a prominent condition that affects many people. There are numerous reasons people get hair fall that leads to bald patches and hair loss. Hormonal Problems, environmental factor, Bad Diet, Stress, Prolonged Illness, absence of appropriate maintenance, excessive use of chemicals in Hairs are most Common Reasons behind bald spots and thinning hair. Not only it makes you look older than you are but directly affects the confidence level and personality in society. The established hair transplant treatment involve procedures helps to treat alopecia and curing both male and female pattern baldness and is exactly designed to regrow your own natural hair within short period of time. It works by stimulating your hair’s growth from the roots by implanting follicles making you with thick fuller hair which further benefits to boost confidence and self-esteem. Majority of men have overcome pattern baldness hair loss by using hair transplants.
It’s true! Young people now spend a lot of money to resolve their balding issues. Since the last decade, hair loss is noticeable among a lot of sufferers getting bald right by age 30 due to unhealthy lifestyles. Hair transplant has proven to be an ultimate cosmetic surgical method for baldness. Balding is due to androgenic alopecia and the male pattern baldness is giving an ugly look in person’s appearance. The individual affected by male pattern baldness has already tried hair growing drugs and OTC topical products and these products failed to deliver a significant result as strong, healthy, voluminous thick hair. Now boost style and improve your personality with this hair regrowth method, which will make you stay confident about your looks. The most encouraging alternatives incorporate FUT or FUE available. However, Hair Transplant in Patiala still remains the reliable, comprehensive safe treatment to get expected results that you can get to have lost hair.

For more information on hair loss treatment visit Hair Transplant in Punjab